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Contact information
Ing. arch. Pavel Jurčík




(Ph.D. programme with focus on design and assembly of light weight structures)

(2018) PhD. State exam passed with honors
Studying: from 09/2014 to now
CTU in Prague



(2012-2014 - Master degree)

(2008-2012 - Bachelor degree)

CTU in Prague - Faculty of civil engineering
Department of Architecture and Civil engineering

High shool in Carlsbad focused on Civil engeneering


Most important awards:

(2018) PhD. State exam passed with honors
(2014) Praise from the dean of CUT for the great work and presentation of the master thesis.
(2013) Student scientist technical activity - section of architecture and civil engineering
First place at CUT and second place in competition between 6 universities from CZ and SK
(2010-2013) Gold card of CUT from department of architecture for the great architectural design


2020 Familly house Vrchovany Reconstruction

2020 Familly house Novotný

2020 Interior CHMI_ Prague

2020 ULTRA SUPER NATURAL (B.Šlapetová+L.Rittstein) 3D models

2020 Excursion Log Cabin_Brno

2019 Columns in front of Czech national Opera-Prague

2018 Stargate - Signal festival_Prague

2018 Light Membrane Hluboká nad Vltavou

2018 Light Membrane Genn_Brno

2017 Sporticus interiour

2017 Lachanderhanz aviary_Switzerland (Archtex)

2017 Light membrane Holliday INN_Brno (Archtex)

2017 Light membrane Pasohlávky (Archtex)

2016 Light membrane Strakonice (Archtex)

2016 Light membrane Da Vinci school_Dolní Břežany (Archtex)

2016 Light membrane Hranice na Moravě (Archtex)


2020 Reconstruction of  the 1.NP - familly house at Prague Čimice

2020 Reconstruction of  the Flat - Zelená ulice Prague 6

2020 Reconstruction of  the Flat - Podskalská Prague 2

2020 ULTRA SUPER NATURAL (B.Šlapetová+L.Rittstein) 3D models

2020 Familly house Vrchovany Reconstruction

2020 ETFE roofing of season ice-ring_Prague

2019 Interior CHMI_Prague

2019 Familly house Mělník reconstruction

2018 Light membrane Mladá Boleslav

2018 Larp Escape interiour

2018 Familly house Novotný

2017 Light membranes in front of FSv CTU

2017 Pardubice Dukla contest

2017 Hall for events-Šapito_Fushi Velaa Island (Archtex)

2016 Globe Kuwait (Kulík+Kopřiva) 3D model + Vizo

2015 Areál Ledových Sportů Praha Opatov (Kubešková+Kopřiva)

- architectural study, 3D model, physical model and 3D print

2015 Membránová architektura (Kopřiva, Netušil,Achten,Hirnšal)      -  Production and editation of the first Czech technical book about light weight structures.

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